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Burnham Hovercraft News Archive

A complete archive of every Burnham-On-Sea Hovercraft news story since the service's launch in March 2004 is shown below.

Also see our home page for breaking news and background information about the service.


21 starving swans retrieved [Dec 26, 2010]
BARB provides snow relief [Dec 20, 2010]
Santa drops in at BARB station [Dec 19, 2010]
Swan rescued from frozen lake [Nov 29, 2010]
Halloween bike run boosts BARB [Nov 2, 2010]
Brean holidaymakers hand over bumper cheque [Oct 4, 2010]
Rescue boat called to Bridgwater lake [Oct 8, 2010]
BARB boat crew called to help injured swan [Sep 22, 2010]
Hovercrafts launched to check on welfare [Sep 20, 2010]
Stranded vehicle pulled to safety [Sep 14, 2010]
Missing man causes night search [Sep 6, 2010]
Concern for mudflats trio sparks call-out [Aug 30, 2010]
Touring cyclists drop in at hovvercraft HQ [Aug 29, 2010]
Big crowds flock to ESCAPE Day [Aug 30, 2010]
MG presents new engine to BARB [Aug 15, 2010]
Trampled swan saved from lake [Aug 21, 2010]
Distressed swan rescued in Bridgwater [Aug 17, 2010]
Hovercraft searches for 'person' on Stert Island [Aug 8, 2010]
BARB reaches £60,000 fundraising target for new craft [Aug 1, 2010]
Bank staff raise funds for BARB [July 21, 2010]
Swimmers make a splash for BARB [July 16, 2010]
Night rescue for man stranded on beach mudflats [July 1, 2010]
BARB searches for missing 11 year-old [June 27, 2010]
Nine people rescued from mudflats by BARB [June 26, 2010]
500 pupils from 11 schools visit rescue groups [June 15, 2010]
Lions Club gives BARB £500 boost [June 13, 2010]
BARB and Secret World team up to retrieve cygnets [June 12, 2010]
Heave ho! Tug-of-war pulls in BARB funds [June 1, 2010]
Hovercraft to search for missing six year old [May 23, 2010]
Yachtsman Tony Bullimore visits hovercraft AGM [May 22, 2010]
Shapwick School picks up safety advice [May 9, 2010]
Car rescue drama prompts safety warning [April 26, 2010]
Vintage tractors roll into town on fundraising drive! [April 18, 2010]
Black tie ball raises £15,000 for new hovercraft [April 15, 2010]
Easter bikers raise funds for Burnham hovercraft [April 4, 2010]
Super Hero Night raises £1,600 for new hovercraft [March 21, 2010]
Tickets on sale for fundraising ball [March 21, 2010]
Prince Edward becomes patron of hovercraft campaign [March 3, 2010]
BT Community Champion award for volunteer [Feb 21, 2010]
Christmas lights boost for hovercraft campaign [Feb 3, 2010]
BARB helps couple whose car got stranded [Jan 30, 2010]
Cubs' coin collection raises BARB funds [Jan 25, 2010]
Charity's volunteers help with snow relief work [Jan 10, 2010]


30 swimmers take part in Boxing Day Dip! [Dec 26, 2009]
BARB helps Coastguards search for missing person [Dec 9, 2009]
Brean country music club raises £750 for BARB [Nov 22, 2009]
Bike group hands over £610 donation [Nov 22, 2009]
Hovercraft's safety mission with a difference [Nov 1, 2009]
Spooky bikers raise cash for BARB [Oct 31, 2009]
Hovercraft called to help kayakers [Oct 25, 2009]
Puriton bike run raises cash for hovercraft charity [Oct 22, 2009]
Further £4,400 raised by Brean's Diamond Farm [Oct 11, 2009]
Hovercraft called to help jet skier [Oct 10, 2009]
Bikers roar into action for hovercraft!
[Oct 4, 2009]
Over £5,000 donated by Brean's Diamond Farm
[Sep 27, 2009]
Light of Elizabeth pulled through Brean!
[Sep 27, 2009]
Hovercraft checks on safety of mudflats walkers [Sep 26, 2009]
Burnham's MP joins training exercise
[Sep 13, 2009]
Wedding role for hovercraft as crewman ties the knot!
[Sep 12, 2009]
ITV News man meets BARB crew at fundraiser
[Sep 6, 2009]
Brean's Diamond Farm raises thousands for BARB
[Aug 31, 2009]
BARB helps motorists stranded on Brean mudflats | Video [Aug 23, 2009]
ESCAPE Day round-up
| 95 photos of the day | Video highlights [Aug 17, 2009]
Hovercraft rescues man from waist-deep mud [July 22, 2009]
BARB tractor pulls Land Rover to safety [July 13, 2009]
Summer open days announced for Burnham hovercraft [July 12, 2009]
Beach kiting groups hovercraft charity a boost [June 27, 2009]
Missing swimmers spark hovercraft search [June 24, 2009]
Boat crew called to river wildlife rescue [June 16, 2009]
Five in difficulty on beach at Brean [June 14, 2009]
Injured swan rescued by boat crew [June 5, 2009]
Tug of war pulls in funds for Burnham hovercraft [May 26, 2009]
Van swamped by rising tide on Burnham beach [May 24, 2009]
Burnham's MP visits BARB's annual general meeting [May 16, 2009]
Bikers roar into action to raise funds for BARB [May 11, 2009]
Stranded car lost to incoming tide at Brean [May 10, 2009]

Van stuck in mud at Berrow rescued [May 4, 2009]
Masonic Lodge raises over £1,000 for town's hovercraft [May 4, 2009]
Stranded boat pulled to safety [April 29, 2009]
Hovercraft called out to mudflats during Royal visit [April 24, 2009]
In photos: Prince Edward visits Burnham hovercraft [April 24, 2009
BARB hovercrafts help with rescue of stranded cattle [April 17, 2009]
BARB crew help search for missing girl on seafront [April 14, 2009]
Prince Edward to visit Burnham hovercraft [April 8, 2009]
Hovercraft called out after elderly man falls overboard [April 4, 2009]
Call-out drama during Sea Cadets' vsisit to BARB [April 5, 2009]
Beach anglers reel in funds for hovercraft [April 4, 2009]
Hovercraft called to stranded vehicle at Brean [March 21, 2009]
Burnham bellringers pull in funds for BARB [March 8, 2009]
Hovercraft charity receives £400 boost from Moose Lodge [March 2, 2009]
BARB helps Police and Coastguards in search [March 1, 2009]
Third vehicle in a week gets stuck on Burnham beach [Feb 18, 2009]
Stricken fisherman helped by BARB crew
[Feb 15, 2009]
Injured swan retrieved by boat crew after hitting power lines [Feb 1, 2009]
Pub quiz raises £120 for BARB funds [Jan 27, 2009]
Bingo players raise funds for hovercraft charity
[Jan 18, 2009]


Father Christmas drops in at hovercraft station! [Dec 21, 2008]
West Country MEP visits Burnham hovercraft [Dec 13, 2008]
Caravan Club makes bumper donation to hovercraft [Nov 25, 2008]
Generous couple make anniversary donation to BARB [Nov 17, 2008]
Halloween bike event is a roaring success [Nov 2, 2008]
Fundraisers put best foot forward for BARB! [Oct 29, 2008]
Brean's Diamond Farm pubraisers hand over £3,225 [Oct 20, 2008]
MP David Heathcoat-Amory visits hovercraft station [Oct 11, 2008]
Hovercraft fundraiser pulls in funds for Burnham hovercraft [Sep 29, 2008]
Brean's Diamond Farm hands over bumper cheque to BARB [Sep 22, 2008]
Swans rescued after swallowing fishing hooks [Sep 18, 2008]
Bikers roar into action to raise BARB funds [Sep 14, 2008]
Liberal Democrat party leader visits hovercraft station [Sep 1, 2008]
Head shave fun earns funds for Burnham hovercraft [Sep 1, 2008]
Hovercraft called out in search for missing child [Aug 30, 2008]
Motorcyclists get on their bikes to raise funds for BARB [Aug 26, 2008]
Beach safety advice given during garden centre visit [Aug 23, 2008]
Injured swan rescued by animal carers with BARB's help [Aug 13, 2008]
Rain fails to dampen spirits at Burnham's ESCAPE Day [Aug 9, 2008]
Hovercraft helps to keep T4 on the Beach safe [July 20, 2008]
Former Blue Peter man visits Burnham to interview pilot [July 18, 2008]
Hoercraft helps Coastguards with yacht rescue on mudflats [July 12, 2008]
Hovercraft rescues mum and daughter in Weston [June 24, 2008]
Gala cinema screening of Hollywood film benefits BARB [June 21, 2008]
Injured swan rescued by inshore boat crew [June 21, 2008]
Aller Womens Institute members visit hovercrafts' HQ
[June 4, 2008]
Coastline searched after parachute sighting [June 1, 2008]
Mark couple present birthday donation to hovercraft
[May 28, 2008]
Somerset Caravan Club presents £1,400 to BARB
[May 5, 2008]
County Council Chairman welcomed at BARB's AGM
[April 26, 2008]
Hovercrafts on show at special sea safety day [April 26, 2008]
Stranded fire engine pulled to safety by tractors [April 17, 2008]
Trapped ambulance pulled free from soft sand [April 13, 2008]
Stert Island Bomb: Hovercrafts play key role in Navy team [April 10-12, 2008]
Family rescued after their vehicle gets stuck on mudflats [April 5, 2008]
Highbridge Youth Club visits Burnham hovercraft HQ [April 4, 2008]
Cash boost for BARB from Burnham Moose Lodge [Mar 28, 2008]
Clevedon Guides enjoy visit to hovercraft station
[Mar 24, 2008]
Visitors flock to hovercraft group's Easter Open Day [Mar 22, 2008]
RYA qualifications presented to BARB recsue boat crew [Mar 15, 2008]
BARB helps wildlife rescuers retrieve oil-coated birds [Feb 21, 2008]
BARB rescue boat crew helps retrieve injured swan [Feb 13, 2008]
Hovercraft charity 'bowled over' by local club's donation [Feb 3, 2008]
Bristol society raises funds for Burnham hovercraft charity [Jan 31, 2008]
Arctic explorers start training with Burnham hovercraft crew [Jan 26, 2008]


Burnham residential care home raises cash for hovercraft [Dec 16, 2007]
Clevedon angling shop reels in funds for BARB funds! [Dec 16, 2007]
Asda fundraisers make donation to Burnham hovercraft charity [Nov 29, 2007]
Nursery pupils welcome Burnham hovercraft for special visit
[Nov 18, 2007]
Burnham hovercrafts take part in town's annual winter carnival [Nov 12, 2007]
Weston Coastguards in joint exercise with hovercraft crews [Nov 5, 2007]
Brean's Diamond Farm raises over £4,500 for Burnham hovercraft [Oct 15, 2007]
Hovercraft fundraisers pull hovercraft - and funds in for BARB!
[Sep 30, 2007]
Berrow Brownies visit Burnham hovercraft and marine rescue services
[Sep 27, 2007]
MP praises Burnham-On-Sea hovercraft volunteers in visit
[Sep 16, 2007]
Both hovercrafts launched in search for mud walkers
[Sep 3, 2007]
Hovercraft helps rescue stranded autistic child from mud
[Aug 27, 2007]
Call-out delays BARB 15th anniversary celebrations
[Aug 27, 2007]
Hovercraft scrambled as children get stuck on mudflats [Aug 24, 2007]
BARB to celebrate its 15th anniversary [Aug 21, 2007]
Big crowds turn out for annual ESCAPE Day [Aug 4, 2007]
Hovercraft rescues family of three trapped on fishing boat
[July 31, 2007]
Special wedding blessing besides hovercraft for BARB couple! [July 14, 2007]
Schedule for Burnham's annual ESCAPE Day announced [July 10, 2007]
Fifth anniversary of Lelaina tragedy marked by open day [June 23, 2007]
Hovercraft open day to be held this weekend [June 19, 2007]
Hovercraft called to Stert Island as yacht runs aground [June 10, 2007]
BARB crew warns mud walkers about dangers of swimming [June 6, 2007]
Hovercraft helps in search for deer trapped in Brean mud [June 4, 2007]
Retiring committee members handed life memberships [May 29, 2007]
BARB Beach Safety Awareness Day is a success [May 27, 2007]

BARB to hold Beach Safety Awareness Day [May 22, 2007]
Light Of Elizabeth hovercraft goes on display at vehicle fair [May 20, 2007]
Engineering group makes visit to hovercraft station [May 19, 2007]
Hovercraft is a hit at Burnham kindergarten's open day [May 18, 2007]
Council chief welcomed at BARB's Annual General Meeting [April 28, 2007]
Eggs-cellent amount raised for BARB during Easter fundraiser [April 9, 2007]
BARB announces 2007 Annual General Meeting [April 9, 2007]
Beach anglers reel in £1,000 for Burnham hovercraft charity [March 27, 2007]
Clevedon angling shop gives BARB a £275 boost [March 27, 2007]
RAYNET group visits Burnham-On-Sea hovercraft station [March 10, 2007]
Online video of Berrow mud rescue exercise with Coastguards [March 4, 2007]
Asda jumps in to help BARB as Tesco axes charity box [Feb 26, 2007]
Children receive sea safety advice from Burnham hovercraft crew [Feb 22, 2007]
Avon Fire Service gives BARB a major equipment boost [Jan 20, 2007]
Festive lights raise fun and funds for Burnham hovercraft group [Jan 20, 2007]
Burnham pub's quiz nights raise cash for town's hovercraft [Jan 12, 2007]


Sponsored hovercraft pull pulls in the funds for BARB [Dec 17, 2006]
Injured swan rescued by inshore lifeboat and Secret World
[Dec 3, 2006]
Polden Hills Young Farmers turn muck into money for BARB!
[Nov 29, 2006]
BARB inshore lifeboat crew recovers injured swan
[Nov 27, 2006]
Hovercrafts get a great reception at Burnham-On-Sea Carnival [Nov 7, 2006]
Summer of fun at Brean caravan park raises cash for Burnham hovercraft [Nov 5, 2006]
Sea cadets enjoy VIP tour of Burnham's hovercraft station [Oct 22, 2006]
Burnham musicians to perform concert in aid of Burnham's hovercrafts [Oct 14, 2006]
Film fans flock to Kevin Costner charity premiere in aid of BARB [Oct 9, 2006]
Injured swan rescued by BARB's inshore lifeboat crew [Sep 30, 2006]
Special gala screening of Kevin Costner film to boost BARB funds [Sep 26, 2006]
Brean golfers raise £4,200 for Burnham-On-Sea hovercraft group [Sep 19, 2006]
Sinking fishing boat rescued by Burnham hovercraft crew [Sep 17, 2006]
Brean holidaymakers raise £1,700 for hovercraft group [Aug 29, 2006]
Video of brand new second rescue hovercraft in action [Aug 23, 2006]
ESCAPE Day 2006 photo and news round-up [Aug 19, 2006]
Brand new second rescue hovercraft to be unveiled [Aug 18, 2006]
Anglers reel in funds for Burnham-On-Sea's rescue hovercraft [Aug 11, 2006]
Diamond Farm fundraisers' fancy dress event raises £1,700 [Aug 6, 2006]
Hovercraft rushes to Brean as family gets into trouble in mud [July 26, 2006]
Party In The Park concerts set to raise cash for hovercraft [July 24, 2006]
Injured swan rescued by hovercraft group's inshore lifeboat [July 22, 2006]
Hovercraft called out amid fears for five young swimmers [July 17, 2006]
Injured swan rescued by hovercraft's inshore lifeboat [July 5, 2006]
ESCAPE Day 2006 to be held on Saturday August 19th [July 4, 2006]
Heave! Pull! Hovercraft crew wins hard-fought tug-of-war [July 2, 2006]
Brean caravan park raises cash for Burnham hovercraft group [June 16, 2006]
Sky News gives hovercraft group national publicity [June 5, 2006]
Mayor and Mayoress present concert cash to RNLI and hovercraft
[May 15, 2006]
Sighting of 'suspicios object' in mud sparks call-out for hovercraft [May 13, 2006]
Hovercraft on display at Sanders Garden World [May 12, 2006]
Injured dog walker flown to safety by hovercraft at Berrow [May 10, 2006]
Moose International members dig deep for hovercraft funds [April 28, 2006]
Easter bonnet parade raises funds for Burnham hovercraft [April 18, 2006]
Jet skiers' can is rescued after being trapped by tide [April 16, 2006]
Lady Gass presents awards to crew at BARB's AGM [April 8, 2006]
Lady Gass to be guest at hovercraft group's AGM [April 4, 2006]
Mayor's concert raises funds for BARB and RNLI [April 3, 2006]
Flute players bring music to the ears of hovercraft group! [Mar 25, 2006]
Worle Scouts pay a visit to Burnham hovercraft station [Mar 23, 2006]
Mayor and Mayoress to hold concert for hovercraft and RNLI [Mar 19, 2006]
Skittles marathon raises £170 for hovercraft group [Feb 26, 2006]
Hovercraft to benefit from two days of skittles in Highbridge [Feb 26, 2006]
Huge £9,000 boost from generous Brean Golf Club members [Feb 13, 2006]
Bristol City hands over huge £4,500 to Burnham's hovercraft group [Feb 4, 2006]
Young West Midlands couple helps back to shore at Brean [Jan 21, 2006]
New second hovercraft unveiled for Burnham-On-Sea [Jan 6, 2006]
Rescued dog walker praises hovercraft and Coastguards [Jan 5, 2006]
Man trapped waist-deep in mud at Brean is rescued [Jan 2, 2006]
Wedmore Real Ale Festival raises cash for Burnham hovercraft [Jan 1, 2006]


Christmas cheer from Western Daily Press newspaper [Dec 18, 2005]
Country fans hand over bumper cheque to hovercraft group [Dec 11, 2005]
Vehicle retrieved after getting stuck in soft beach sand [Dec 4, 2005]
Rotary Club hands over £500 cheque to Burnham hovercraft [Dec 5, 2005]
Hovercraft Charity Night hailed a success as £2,000 is raised [Nov 20, 2005]
Talented Debbie, 11, raises funds for Burnham hovercraft [Nov 14, 2005]
Hovercraft chairman Alan Miller to run for town council position [Nov 9, 2005]
Hovercraft joined in Burnham's 2005 winter carnival [Nov 7, 2005]
Bought your ticket for the BARB Charity Night yet? [Oct 29, 2005]
Night time launch for hovercraft at Brean Beach [Oct 17, 2005]
Charity Evening to be held by hovercraft group in November [Oct 3, 2005]
Country and Western fans pull in the funds for Burnham hovercraft [Oct 3, 2005]
Hovercrafts perform grass demonstration at town's VE/VJ Day [Sep 19, 2005]
Jet skier rescued from mud at Berrow by hovercraft crew [Sep 10, 2005]
Second call-out in 24-hours at Stert as yacht runs aground [Sep 3, 2005]
Three rescued from Stert as speedboat runs aground [Sep 2, 2005]
Dog rescue family visit hovercraft station and praise hovercraft team [Aug 23, 2005]
Sky News visits Burnham hovercraft and broadcasts news reeport
[Aug 22, 2005]
New military communication system trialled by BARB and Coastguard [Aug 19, 2005]
Hovercraft called to Brean after child is reported to be stuck in mud
[Aug 19, 2005]
Bristol City to raise cash for Burnham hovercraft during new season
[Aug 13, 2005]
Dangers of coastal mud explained to Bridgwater Cubs during visit [July 30, 2005]
Auction winners enjoy their trip onboard Burnham's hovercraft [July 21, 2005]
Eight year old boy and lifeguard rescued by hovercraft
[July 17, 2005]
Photo round-up of ESCAPE Day 2005 [July 16, 2005]
Crowd of 2,500 flocks to ESCAPE Day 2005 [July 16, 2005]
£1,400 raised by Brean Golf Club for hovercraft funds [July 15, 2005]
Top bravery award presented to hovercraft chairman [July 8, 2005]
Round Table hands over cheque for £290 to hovercraft team [June 28, 2005]
Flock of birds sparks launch of hovercraft [June 22, 2005]
Hovercraft called out after two briefly stuck in mud at Brean [June 18, 2005]
BARB helps animal rescuers capture injured swan at local lake [June 16, 2005]
Brean Down cliff rescue rehearsed by Coastguard and hovercraft [June 15, 2005]
Poor mobile phone reception could put lives at risk, say crewmembers [June 10, 2005]

St Joseph's schoolchildren get chance to see hovercraft close-up [June 8, 2005]
Hovercraft's new searchlights will help it find casualties at night [June 5, 2005]
Burnham-On-Sea hovercraft celebrates its first year of service [June 1, 2005]
Speedboat accident rehearsed by hovercraft and first aid teams [May 23, 2005]
Weather fails to dampen spirits at River Parrett Festival [May 22, 2005]
Hovercraft team 'bowled over' by support at Highbrdge fundraiser [May 21, 2005]
Sticky end to trails of multi-terrain vehicle on Burnham beach! [May 20, 2005]
Flight on the Burnham hovercraft sells at auction for £245 [May 9, 2005]
£1,600 raised for Lelaina Rescue Appeal as Burnham goes orange crazy! [May 2, 2005]
Buy a £1 wristband and support the Lelaina Rescue Appeal [April 29, 2005]
Major night-time mud rescue at Weston to retrieve man in mud
[April 25, 2005]
Brean family makes significant donation to Burnham hovercraft [April 23, 2005]
Hovercraft crew assist Police and Coastguard with retrieval of body
[April 22, 2005]
Brean Golf Club's £2,300 boost for Burnham hovercraft [April 20, 2005]
Penrose School pupils enjoy visit to hovercraft station [April 16, 2005]
Alan Miller wins 2004/5 Heathcoat-Amory Endeavour Trophy [April 8, 2005]
MP visits Burnham hovercraft station and AGM [April 2, 2005]
Skittles fundraiser pulls in cash for Burnham hovercraft [March 28, 2005]
Hovercraft launched after man is reportedly trapped in mud at
Stert [March 26, 2005]
Sea Cadets visit Burnham Hovercraft station [March 23, 2005]
Annual General Meeting to be held by Hovercraft group [March 20, 2005]
£5,000 jet ski and 4x4 vehicle rescued from mud [March 20, 2005]
Brean Golf Club to be major sponsor of hovercraft during 2005 [March 12, 2005]
Mud rescue rehearsed by Burnham hovercraft and coastguard teams
[March 7, 2005]
Special visitor gets VIP tour of Burnham hovercraft station [Feb 24, 2005]
Mud rescue first aid training and life-saving tips for hovercraft team [Feb 10, 2005]
Stranded vehicle rescued from mud by hovercraft crew
[Feb 2, 2005]
Crew member's talk raises cash for hovercraft [Feb 1, 2005]
Burnham Hovercraft gets a technical makeover [Jan 23, 2005]
Hovercraft group's appeal for new volunteers is a success [Jan 13, 2005]
Appeal for new crew members, shorehelpers and fundraisers [Jan 1, 2005]


Christmas lights help raise cash for Burnham hovercraft [Dec 11, 2004]
Coastguard and hovercraft teams in search and rescue exercise [Dec 1, 2004]
From the Bard to BARB - drama group raises funds for hovercraft!
[Nov 28, 2004]

£1,290 raised for hovercraft by Seagull Inn's end of season party
[Nov 22, 2004]
New look for Burnham-On-Sea's hovercraft team is unveiled
[Nov 14, 2004]
Online video clip showing the hovercraft team taking part in the carnival [Nov 10, 2004]
Hovercraft delights the crowds at Burnham-On-Sea's 2004 Carnival [Nov 9, 2004]

£635 raised for Burnham hovercraft by talented youngster [Oct 26, 2004]
First night-time exercise for Burnham hovercraft crew
[Oct 20, 2004]
Highbridge Brownies receive water safety badges from BARB chairman [Oct 11, 2004]
Yee haw! Country and Western fundraiser raises funds for hovercraft [Oct 10, 2004]
BARB issues appeal for new mechanic to come forward [Sep 26, 2004]
How Lelaina's legacy has come to the rescue during the summer
[Sep 17, 2004]
Crew members receive first aid certificates after successful training [ Sep 10, 2004]
Hovercraft called to Brean to help 46 year-old after asthma attack [Sep 1, 2004]
Hovercraft and Coastguard take part in cliff rescue exercise
[Aug 28, 2004]
Four-legged Burnham hovercraft supporters show their support! [Aug 24, 2004]

Competition winners enjoy VIP hovercraft trip to Stert Island
[Aug 22, 2004]
Couple donates cash to hovercraft as bric-a-brac sale pulls in funds
[Aug 22, 2004]
Nationwide publicity for Burnham-On-Sea hovercraft after big rescue [Aug 21, 2004]
Hovercraft pulls in large crowds at first ESCAPE fundraising day
[Aug 21, 2004]
Hovercraft rescues father and son from mud at Brean Down [Aug 19/20, 2004]
Fishing competition raises £1,027 for Burnham-On-Sea hovercraft
[Aug 14, 2004]
BARB to take part in Burnham's first ESCAPE fundraising event [Aug 7, 2004]
BARB receives generous cheque after successful fundraiser [Aug 4, 2004]
Hovercraft helps released trapped dogs from treacherous mud [July 24, 2004]
First launch for hovercraft as the team rescue trapped teens from mud [June 6, 2004]
Launch day for Burnham's brand new Spirit Of Lelaina hovercraft [March 22, 2004]

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