Burnham-On-Sea, Somerset

Published: May 12, 2006
Meet the crew behind Burnham's Hovercraft at Sanders Garden World

Burnham's hovercraft and its crew will be at SGW

Visitors to Sanders Garden World will be able to meet the team behind the Spirit of Lelaina hovercraft (pictured) on Friday May 12th, Saturday May 13th and Sunday May 14th.

Members of the crew will bring the hovercraft, which is named after five-year-old Lelaina Hall who died after getting stuck on the mudflats at Berrow in 2002, to the Brent Knoll garden centre to be displayed in Garden World's new Village Square area.

A spokesman for BARB, the charity that rus the group, said: "The Burnham hovercraft has been in operation for two years and in that time has rescued and helped more than 90 people along the Somerset coastline."

During the weekend, visitors will be able to look around and see inside the hovercraft.

"Several of the hovercraft's crew members will be on hand to meet customers and tell them more about the vital life-saving work we do. We will also have several display boards on show, displaying photos of rescues we have performed and press coverage of them."

"People should be aware that we may need to leave the garden centre at any time during the weekend as we are a rescue service and we may be called away at a moment's notice. Emergency call-outs often happen when we least expect them."


Burnham-On-Sea Hovercraft Web site


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