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No introduction is needed to one of the all-time great arcade games ever!
The little yellow blob roams around a maze being spooked by ghosts and popping pills. No wonder this games so incredibly addictive!

An elegantly simple game, but wonderfully gratifying. You float in space and shoot the asteroids, but the more you shoot, the more asteroids you create. And be careful — you only have one ship for each 10,000 points scored!

Space Invaders
The classic arcade game of Space Invaders is so simple, but has one of the most vital assets of any computer game — real gameplay.
You get a pointy thing which shoots bullets at a rampaging invasion of aliens!

Noughts and crosses
Another classic... this version lets you either play against Burnham-On-Sea.com or with a pal.
Great fun if you want to while away a few minutes are just desperately bored!

Hexxagon is one of those games that's easier to play than it is to explain. You play as the red diamonds, and your goal is to take over the board by leaping into the spaces adjacent to your opponent's watery globules.

Shaped blocks fall into a pit where you must arrange them so they fit neatly — a sort of juggling in one direction.
The more blocks you can place into a horizontal line simultaneously, the more you score.




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