Burnham-On-Sea, Somerset

September 6, 2005
Proposals to overhaul Burnham's Marine Cove Gardens unveiled

Marine Cove Gardens in Burnham-On-Sea

Proposals to overhaul Marine Cove Gardens on Burnham seafront have been unveiled by town councillors this week.

The long-overdue revamp includes plans to introduce sea-view seating, repair the bus shelters at the front, alter access to the facility and consider introducing CCTV to tighten up on security.

Cllr Neville Jones told fellow councillors on Monday (September 5th): "It's time we got something done here. The area badly needs attention. Marine Cove suffers from two problems - not enough people know about the gardens and, secondly, the area often attracts undesirable people.

Marine Cove proposals in brief:

Transform raised flower beds into raised seating viewing galleries overlooking the sea.
Introduce new signs outside the gardens stating 'Marine Cove Gardens'.
Repaint and repair the two bus shelters, removing all glass and removing benches that do not face the sea.
Replace the sundial or introduce a new art piece in the garden.
Add new climbing plants to several areas of the gardens.
Investigate whether CCTV could be introduced at one corner of the gardens.

"Furthermore, people who do visit say you can't see the sea. You only see the wall! You can't even see the sea from the seats at the front of the gardens, so why not have seats raised up with shallow steps?"

In order to tackle social problems in the gardens, it is proposed that the only entrance would be via the Nelson Gates, which were opened in March this year.

"The only means of access would be at the front via the Nelson Gates," said Cllr Jones. "There would not be access from the back or the sides."

Other proposed improvements at the gardens include re-introducing water fountains, replacing the sundial, adding new signs and adding new plants.

"We want this to be included in Sedgemoor District Council's programme and to be included in next year's funding round," he said. "Vast amounts are being spent in Bridgwater while Burnham and Highbridge are being left behind."

Cllrs Poole and Mansfield backed the proposal, adding that the gardens badly need updating.


Marine Cove Trafalagar gates officially opened



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