Updated: January 30, 2009
Brean Rally 2009 is set to roar into action this weekend

Brean Leisure Park, near Burnham-On-Sea, will once again echo to the sound of high octane engines this weekend when the 2009 Brean Stages Rally gets underway.

The two-day event takes place on Saturday (31st January) and Sunday (1st February) and will feature highly competitive racing action with cars coming from around the UK.

Starting at number one on the entry grid will be the current National British Asphalt Rally Champion and last year's Brean winner, David Kynaston, co-driven by Andy Russell from Exeter. David will be driving his very fast Audi A3 Quatro and will be at maximum attack from the start, attempting to achieve an historic hattrick of wins.

At number two, and also hoping to win the event, is Peter Lloyd/Graham Handley from South Wales in their newly-acquired Subaru Impreza S12 World Rally Car, previously owned by ex world rally champion Petter Solberg. Lloyd has won this event twice before in 1999 and 2001 driving an MG Metro 6R4.

At number three are the husband and wife pairing Steve and Yvonne Furzeland from Plymouth in another Subaru Impreza WRC. Steve and Yvonne are current South West Tarmacadam Rally Champions and have previously won this event in 2006. They have a daughter, Danielle, also competing in the rally at number 33.

Starting at four is five times winner of the event, Karl Broad/Trasie Moore in the iconic Metro 6R4. Last year Broad went into the second day of the rally only one second behind leader Kynaston when his steering rack broke on the opening Sunday Special Stage, putting him out of the rally.

Another crew who had mechanical problems last year, James Harvey/Paul Arberry, in their Subaru Impreza went out of the rally whilst lying fifth overall. They start this race at number five.

A car that should prove interesting to watch is the Hyundai Accent WRC, previously owned by Alistair McRae and now in the hands of Gary Nuttall/Paul Drew from Cheshire. Nuttall starts the rally at number six and has high hopes of a top three finish.

Another unusual car is the Peugeot 306 maxi kit car of Buckinghamshire crew of David West/Keith Hounslow. West's last outing in the car was last December and it saw him claim an outright win, so he could be a 'dark horse' to watch.

So the stage is set for some competitive driving over the weekend. Spectators are welcome over both days and gates open at the park from 8am, with racing starting at around 9am. Admission is by car parking charge only, up to two persons in a car costs £10 and three persons or more in a car costs £15. Both rates include a souvenir programme. There are also special rates to cover both days.


1. David Kynaston/Andy Russell Audi A3 Quatro Yellow 2900 E Exeter/WSM
2. Peter Lloyd/Graham Handley Impreza S12 WRC Blue/White 1997 E WSM
3. Steve Furzeland*~/Yvonne Furzeland*~ Impreza WRC White 1998 E Plymouth
4. Karl Broad*/Trasie Moore* Metro 6R4 Black 2500 E WSM
5. James Harvey*/Paul Arberry* Impreza White 1994 E S. Hams CPP Motor Developments
6. Gary Nuttall/Paul Drew Hyundia Accent WRC Silver 1998 E WSM
7. Dave Parnell/Pete Bold Escort Mk1 White/Blue 2365 D Plymouth
8. Kerry Michael/Mark Phillips Escort Mk1 Red 2300 D WSM
9. Dave West/Keith Hounslow Peugeot 306 Maxi White 2000 C MCAC
10. Adrian Brown*~/Chris Jarman*~ Escort White 2385 D Plymouth
11. Pete Rayner/Richard Bonner Escort Mk2 White 1998 C Wickford
12. Les Skeet/Theresa Fossey Peugeot 205 RWD Red 1999 C Forresters
14. Julian Wilkes/David Whitehead Vauxhall Nova Blue 1398 A Rally1400
15. Dave Harris/Glyn Thomas Escort Mk2 Blue/White 2000 C WSM
16. Jim Munden/Dale Lovegrove Escort Yellow 1998 C Tavern
17. Lee Kedward/Mark Newman Escort G3 Red 2001 D Cheltenham
18. Paul Hughes/Dave Stocking MG ZR Grey 1796 C Welsh Border
19. Nigel Willcox/Robert Symes Escort Blue 1998 C B&DCC
20. Duncan Holder/Lois Miller Rover SDi Red/White 3500 D WSM
21. Tim Porter/Dave Warner Escort Red 1998 C WSM
22. Dave Boden*~/Sarah Wills*~ Sapphire Cosworth Whit/Blue 1996 E C'cester/BOS
23. Mark Chapman*~#/Kevin Harbour*~# MG ZR Grey/Green 1598 B Tavern
24. Jonathan Giles*/Marie Venn Honda Civic V2 White 1598 B WSM
25. Stuart Bliss#/Rich Marsh Honda Civic R White 1595 B ` WSM
26. Bryan Whale#/Fiona Scarrett Opel Corsa Silver 1600 B WSM
27. Rob Perry#/Shaun Harding# Escort RS White 2100 D Tavern SJ Wheeler Mobile Vehicle Repairs
28. Steve Wheeler*~/Bryan White*~ Celica GT4 Silver 2000 E Torbay RB Contractors
29. Richard Barrow/Alan Lock Impreza White 1994 E WSM
30. Lee Rennison/Darren Loveys Escort RS White 1998 C B&DCC
31. Paul Harewood/Barry Luxton* Mini Cooper White 1600 B Taunton
32. Arron Rayner~/Scott Rayner~ Citreon AX White 1360 A Wickford
33. Danielle Furzeland/ Impreza Blue 1998 C Plymouth
34. Seb Simeone/Tony Rendall Peugeot 205 RWD Yellow 1998 C WSM
35. Mark Carrow+/Phil Melson Impreza White 2000 E WSM
36. Simon Munden#/John Leigh# Escort Black 1998 C Tavern
37. Lawrence Christie/Mark Ellis Peugeot 205 RWD White 1999 C
38. Laki Christoforou/Nick Stagg Escort Mk2 Red 2200 D WSM
39. Eric Weaver#/Andrew Sankey# Anglia RS Rd/Wht/Blk 1700 C Ludlow
40. Chris Sinclair-James/Melo La Rosa Peugeot 205 GTi Red 1600 B WSM
41. Rick Neale#/Paul Leyfield# Davrian Dragon Yellow 1598 B EMCOS
42. Jon Sparks/Chris Davies Mitsubishi EVO7 Yellow 1997 E BOS
43. Clive Mitchelmore/Ian Withacomb Vauxhall Nova Red 1400 A WSM
44. Derek Essen#/John Stratton# Escort Mk2 White 1998 C WSM
45. Steve Candy/Sylvia Candy Escort Red 1600 B B&DCC
46. Mike Willcox/Adrian Scadding Sunbeam Red/White 1600 B Exeter
47. Tony Perks#/Phil Wardle# Peugeot 205 Red 2236 D Whitehorse
48. Craig Jose*/Chris Howells* Peugeot 205 Yellow 1580 B S.Hams
49. Ben Gunn/Aubrey Bage Vauxhall Corsa Red/Black 1389 A
50. Roger Grant/James Grant Austin Mini Red/White 1380 A Mini Cooper
51. Nikki Peskett*/Debbie Miller* Peugeot 205 GTi White 1900 C WSM/BOS
52. Phil Banwell*~#/Andy Conway*~# Ford Ka Blue 1299 A WSM
53. Richard Knott/ BMW 325i Silver 2496 D WSM
54. Chris Rooney/Gareth Neale Vauxhall Chevette Yellow 2000 C Forresters/WSM
55. Richard Lewsey/Irene Lewsey Escort Mk2 White/Blue 1999 C Wickford/CMC
56. Simon Atkinson#/Ben Nixon# Sunbeam White 2100 D Ludlow
57. David Jones*/Paul Sanders* Triumph TR8 White 3500 D WSM
58. Richard Baker/David Porter Escort Mk2 Orange 2000 C WSM
59. Ian Barnard/Edward Britton MG Metro Black 1380 A Wickford/G.Belt
60 Jeff Brown/Kirstie Brown Vauxhaul Chevette Black 2000 C Basingstoke
61. Ben Grenter#/Bryan Grenter# Sunbeam Silver 1597 B WSM
62. Barry Pavey+/Simon Kellaway+ Toyota MR2 Red/White 2500 D WSM
63. Phil Sprason*~#/Tracey Sprason*~#Escort Yellow 1996 C Tavern
64. Jamie Harris/ Peugeot 205 GTi Blue/White 1600 B WSM
65. Huw Reed/Steve Boome Escort Cosworth White 2000 E Wickford
66. Jamie Hales#/Reg Davies Vauxhall Nova Orange 1300 A Hereford
67. Jared Knight*/Andy Balantyne* Escort White 1600 B S.Hams
68. Nev Cole*/Adrian Stevens* Vauxhall Nova GSi White 1600 B WSM
69. Steve Churchill/Michelle Humphreys Peugeot 205 GTi Yellow 1580 B Jersey
70. Stewart Wood*/Mark Capon Metro White 1380 A Silverton
71. Steve Leigh+/Nick Parsons+ Escort Yellow 2000 C WSM
72. Lee Bretherton*~/Simon Bretherton*~Peugeot 205 Blue/White 1598 B WSM
73. Norman Cutler/Pam Harvey Peugeot 205 XR Yellow 1905 C B&DCC
74. Charlotte Landon/Louise Earthy Fiesta Yellow 1600 B Wickford/CMC
75. Chris Barter/Matt Isaac Vauxhall Astra White/Blue 1598 B Taunton
76. David Williams*/Rob Yabsley Escort White 2000 C Torbay
77. Darren Harris+/Pete Donnachie*+ Impreza White 2000 E WSM
78. Colin Ashley/Kate Drake Peugeot 205 White 1600 B WSM
79. Jonathan Enwright/David Attiwell# Escort Blue/Orange 1998 C Tavern
80. Roger Croft#/John Dando# BMW M3 White 2500 D Tavern
81. Paul Forbes+/Jeff Talbot Focus Blue/White 1995 C WSM.
82. John Allard*/Caroline Allard* Impreza White/Blue 1995 E Camel Vale
83. Wayne Willett*~#/Andy Strawbridge*~# Citreon Saxo Blue 1597 B WSM
84. Dan Adderley#/Roger Adderley Escort G3 White/Blue 1998 C Witney
85. Andrew Hicks/Richard Bliss# Peugeot 105 GTi Red 1500 B WSM
86. Dan Lawson+/Russel Caton+ Escort White 2000 C WSM
87. Richard Walters+/Tony Walters+ Citreon ZX Red 1998 C WSM
88. Leanne Harvey/Andy Street Peugeot 205 White/Black 1905 C B&DCC


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