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Hovercraft Specifications

Burnham-On-Sea Hovercraft Specifications:

Name: The Spirit Of Lelaina

Length: 5.25m

Width: 2.5m

Hovercraft type: BBV-6

Cruising speed: 25 knots over water

Lift engine: 2 cyl v2 4st 20hp
Duct: 0.65m

Thrust engine: Rover 4 cly 113hp
Duct: 1.2m

Hull: 2.5m x 5.25m

Lift diameter: 0.6m

Fuel consumption: 0.5ltr nautical ml

Fuel capacity: 50ltrs

Seating: Five to six people

Payload: 600k including pilot

Builder: Magnus Ivanoff of N. Stavsudda Handel AB, Sweden.

Designer: Bill Baker of BBV Hovercrafts.

Video of the hovercraft in action:

Click here to see a BBV-6 hovercraft in action.

Designer of the Burnham-On-Sea Hovercraft:

BBV (Bill Baker Vehicles) built its first operational hovercraft in 1973. Bill Baker Vehicles Limited was incorporated in 1978 to supply the growing demand for hovercraft of a similar design to those raced by him in the then infant British hovercraft racing series. Read more about BBV Hovercrafts.

Also see the Official BARB Web site home page


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