Four members of the Friends of Berrow Beach spent two hours clearing litter from the rhyne alongside Brent Road between Berrow Medical Centre and the RSPCA this week.

Sue Meads, Honour Greenslade, Linda Hoy and Nigel Hoy used a net and long-handled litter pickers to collect eight plastic sacks full of rubbish on Thursday evening (May 23rd).

Nigel told “Most of the rubbish comprised of glass bottles, of which there were a total of 60 – most of these being empty whisky bottles. Other litter collected included plastic food wrappers and plastic bottles.”

“As well as being very unsightly, this amount of litter does enormous harm not only to the environment, but also to our local wildlife.”

“Therefore, we would like to appeal to everyone using this road to act responsibly and take their litter home.”

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