Mystery surrounds an apparent sighting of an aeroplane in flames over Brean on Wednesday evening (October 28th).

Sharon Witcombe of Warren Road claims to have seen the craft engulfed in a fireball as she walked home at around 5.15pm.

It was spotted coming from the Bristol direction and was apparently flying lower than usual, but not descending downwards.

Sharon says she could clearly see bright orange flames and, startled, even got into her car with her elderly mother and drove away from the village amid concern that the plane might crash.

When she returned home several minutes later she says there was no sign of the aircraft, although she claims to have smelt burning.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch said on Thursday it had received no reports of any planes in difficulty or missing in the area at the time.

Did you see the object in the skies over Brean or Burnham on Wednesday night? If so, contact us here.

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