More than a dozen signs like this one will be appearing along Burnham seafront in coming weeks when a new crackdown on anti-social drinking is launched. learns that fourteen of the warning signs are to be installed along The Esplanade – one on every fourth or fifth light post.

Sedgemoor District Council had originally proposed 60 signs, but town councillors said such a number would have blown the problem of anti-social drinking out of proportion.

Several Designated Drinking Orders are already in force in other parts of Burnham and Highbridge, having been introduced in June 2005 to stamp out anti-social drinking in known trouble spots.

Police have the power to ask for alcohol to be handed over if people are deemed to be causing trouble. If they refuse, they can be arrested and face a fine of up to £500.

The orders are in operation at Winchester Road playing fields, the Manor Gardens, Rosewood Park playing fields in Burnham, the Jubilee Gardens, Southwell Gardens and Apex Park.

Wording on the new seafront signs states: “In this designated public place police officers may require you not to consume alcohol and to surrender opened containers of alcohol. It is an offence to refuse to comply.”


Alcohol ban comes info force in Burnham-On-Sea trouble spots