August 25, 2015
Work starts on Highbridge Asda petrol station as fuel price war looms

Long-awaited work to build a new petrol station outside Asda’s Highbridge store started on Monday (August 24th).

We reported here how the supermarket intends to open its new low-cost petrol station in December, vowing to undercut local garages.

Mick Vaughan, deputy manager at the Highbridge store, told “We’re delighted to be starting the project to build our long-awaited petrol station. We are fully committed to offering the best local petrol prices and will be under-cutting all competitors. We’re often 7p a litre cheaper than the big name petrol stations in other towns. The market is stale here in the Burnham area and needs some competition.”

Sedgemoor District Council gave the go-ahead for the eight-pump petrol station at the store in November 2013.

The new petrol station will be built in place of the small residents’ car park next to the access road into the Highbridge store. Mr Vaughan said the residents have all been offered parking spaces elsewehere in the store’s car park.