Burnham-On-Sea wildlife carers from Secret World Wildlife Rescue have rescued a baby swan that was attacked by a seagull.

The cygnet, one of a brood of five, was still with its parents on the Dunwear Ponds near Bridgwater when the gull attacked it and left it with a nasty head wound.

Thankfully a local resident alerted the animal charity after witnessing the ordeal while out walking her dog.

Animal carer Dan Bryant, who attended the call, managed to calmly capture the injured bird, treat it and clean its head wound before giving it some rehydration fluid through a tube.

After two days’ rest, the cygnet has been given a clean bill of health and has been released back into the wild with its family.

Dan Bryant commented: “Thankfully, this animal made a full recovery. After we released it, the whole family sailed off across the lake together as one unit again, which was nice to see.”

“The lady who alerted us to this incident regularly bumps into the family and says they are doing well.”