A disgusted Burnham-On-Sea resident has spoken out against Nat West’s decision to shut its branch later this year.

As Burnham-On-Sea.com first reported here last week, the branch, at the junction of Regent Street and Victoria Street, will close down on October 10th, 2017. HSBC shut its Burnham branch in January.

Resident George Moon told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “I regret to learn of yet another local bank branch closure – this is in my view a policy as short-sighted as the wholesale closure of railway lines half a century ago.”

“Yes, I agree online banking has grown and is very convenient, but you cannot pay in cheques and cash online, draw or exchange foreign currency or obtain change.”

“Small businesses and organisations need local banks – to say ‘Go to the Post Office’ is not satisfactory and though the Burnham PO staff are good the place often has queues as it is.”

“I hope that those which close branches will lose business to those who remain open. Lloyds’ policy is not to close branches if there is not another within five miles so on that basis Burnham should be safe – Lloyds is already the busiest bank in the town.”