Burnham-On-Sea’s inshore rescue boat crew helped provide supplies to more than 100 residents on Monday (January 6th) who are trapped in their Somerset village after floods have left all access roads under several feet of water.

BARB Search & Rescue’s volunteers helped the residents in the village of Muchelney, near Langport, which has been cut off for four days after the roads flooded.

Residents can now only leave the village by boat since the water is so deep that not even a tractor can make it through.

It is thought the residents may remain trapped for a further two weeks if the weather reports predicting more rain are accurate.

Tina Winter, who lives in the village, said: “We are so grateful to BARB for their help. Without them, the only way to and from the village is by kayak which is unsafe in blustery weather.”

Food supplies from Tesco were taken to the village on the boat. Manager Emily Duchscherer said: “We have supplied 31 orders for the villagers, comprising mainly of necessities such as bread, milk and vegetables. It’s great to work closely with BARB on the deliveries.”

Helen Walker, owner of the local shop in Muchelney, added: “Nobody is getting out at the moment. When it has flooded in the past we have used our tractor with a trailer on the back to help people get in, out and around the village.”

“But at the moment the flood water is a few feet high and the tractor can’t get through. The BARB boat came today to help bring a food delivery into the village as well as prescriptions.”

Muchelney – which rather translates as ‘Big Island’ in Saxon – was devastated last winter after suffering the worst floods in 90 years.