Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called out to investigate a container washed up on Berrow beach on Thursday (September 21st).

They were called out just before 3.30pm by a beach walker to check whether the 25-litre container posed any environmental contamination risk.

A spokesman told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “The tides wash up many different types of items, from seaweed to plastics and tyres.”

“On this occasion, the 25-litre container was discovered full of liquid by a dog walker, who did the right thing in reporting it to us.”

“The container was found to contain a black liquid and two Coastguards wearing protective gloves carefully inspected the item, and carefully opened it to find it was a type of engine or sump oil.”

The container was handed over to Berrow’s Beach Warden for Sedgemoor District Council to dispose of it safely.

They thanked the walker for doing the right thing and reporting the discovery to Coastguards.

Pictured: Coastguards at the scene on Thursday afternoon (photo Burnham Coastguards/MCA)