Sedgemoor District Council has this week been urged to carry out a clean-up of Burnham-On-Sea beach after rocks and metal from the town’s former Marine Lake swimming pool re-emerged in the sand over the summer, raising safety concerns.

While Marine Lake was removed many decades ago, debris from the structure still resurfaces on the beach to the south of the jetty every few years.

Ivan Holland, who operates a beach pirate train concession, told “The beach on the south side of the jetty is in a poor shape – I’m having to pick my route very carefully to steer around the rocks and a metal pole that have emerged in recent weeks to avoid punctures.”

“People paddling and swimming in the sea are also needing to be extra careful to avoid hurting themselves. The debris should be removed as soon as possible.”

Sedgemoor District Council removed some debris earlier this year, however shifting sand over the summer has led to more of the material re-emerging.

Council spokeswoman Claire Faun told this week that the authority has examined the beach and is seeking to resolve the matter.

Marine Lake opened in 1931 and was used for swimming and boating. It was later closed due to heavy silting and erosion, but some of its foundations were not fully removed, as pictured below.

The walls of Marine Lake were visible in this aerial photo from the 1980s

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