A beach warden’s truck got stuck in mud and was engulfed by the incoming tide on Brean beach yesterday (Thursday, July 28th).

One of the Berrow beach wardens had driven the truck down the beach to try and call back several children seen wading out into the mud.

But the truck’s wheels got stuck and the vehicle became stranded.

Despite attempts being made to dig the vehicle out of the mud and push it to safety, there was not enough time due to the incoming tide.

A Sedgemoor District Council spokeswoman says: “The beach warden at Brean beach was on a rescue mission to reach some walkers who had not taken heed of the safety advice.  The warden tried to get their attention, but they did not respond.  Mindful of the shifting patches of soft mud and sand, the warden parked the van to walk to the people.  Unfortunately, despite expert knowledge of the beach conditions, two wheels of the beach vehicle sank immediately in a patch of soft sand.”

She added: ”The beach warden continued to try to alert the walkers but the tide was coming in so fast he could not get back to the vehicle in time.  It has now been recovered.  It just goes to show that even the most experienced can get caught out.  That’s why it is so important to take advice from the beach safety staff.”

Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called to the scene, but there was nothing that could be done before the water surrounded it.

A commercial recovery service, Weston Recovery, pictured below, was called in by the council.

They pulled the vehicle up the beach after the high tide receded late on Thursday night.

An onlooker said the beach warden had been unlucky to get stuck after hitting a soft patch of mud, but it served as another reminder about the potential danger.

Pictured: Paddlers on Brean beach watching the submerged truck in the sea on Thursday as the tide came in (photo Marc Swift, Michael Garbett & Burnham-On-Sea.com) 

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