Volunteers are being encouraged to join a day of conservation work in Berrow dunes on Sunday, March 8th.

Bristol University Conservation Group will be making their annual visit to the Berrow Dunes Nature Reserve, along with Sedgemoor Conservation Volunteers, to undertake sea buckthorn scrub clearance – and they will be glad of any further additional help from local volunteers.

“Since its introduction less than a century ago, the sea buckthorn has spread over about half of the reserve, leading to the loss of much of the species-rich grassland habitat,” Janette Burton, Sedgemoor’s Landscape Officer, told Burnham-On-Sea.com.

The March 8th event will be held from 10.30am, starting with a meeting in the nature reserve’s car park.

Volunteers are asked to wear appropriate clothing, including protective gloves, and to bring a packed lunch.

Berrow Dunes has long been recognised as an important area for nature conservation. The reserve, owned and managed by Sedgemoor District Council, is included within the Berrow Dunes Site of Special Scientific Interest. The site supports one of the most diverse floras in Somerset, with at least 270 species of flowering plants.

More information about conservation events like this at Berrow Dunes are available by calling Sedgemoor District Council’s Landscape Officer on 0845 408 2540.