A youth football side is celebrating clinching a sponsorship deal with a local company.

Berrow Under 14s have this week announced their new sponsor for the season is local building firm A.P.S Building Services.

The firm, based in Burnham, has a history of supporting local teams and its spokesman said: “Berrow’s U14 team has the right mix of excellence at football and development and growth for the young people.”

“As a mixed team they are showing how team work and using peoples skills can bring about great results. In their last match they won 8-1.”

“We know from working with other people every day in our company, whether on a small job for an individual or on a larger development, that by working together we can get the job done more successfully and these skills are learned in football teams and other sports teams across the county.”

Marc Birt of Berrow Juniors Football Club added: “Berrow U14’s are grateful to A.P.S Building Services. They have the right ethos for our team and work hard to encourage us to do better.”

“At Berrow we have begun to work on our philosophy and to look at how we can make a difference in the community as well as to our young people. My team are looking forward to joining our coaching academy and acting as ambassadors as well as improving their considerable skills at football.”

Berrow secretary Tim Farnham added: “Sponsoring a Berrow team is not just about a name on a shirt, it is about becoming part of something that is growing and getting better and bringing that to your own business and community.”

Anyone interested in joining our club as a coach, sponsor or player please contact us through the web site at www.berrowjuniorfc.co.uk or by calling 07710098804.