Brean Down will take centre stage in a brand new primetime BBC One drama series due to hit our TV screens later this month.

An episode of Bonekickers was filmed on Brean Down, near the wartime fort, earlier this year, as first reported here by

The heavily-promoted six-part TV series is scheduled to begin in July and the second episode featuring Brean Down will be broadcast on BBC One on July 15th.

Large crowds of spectators watched the filming take place on the Down in February, as pictured here.

The drama is based around a Bath University archaeology team who are brought together to unearth bodies, books, weapons and other historical artefacts that lead them to various investigations.

The series – from the writers of the hit show Life On Mars – includes an episode in which a cave on Brean Down is searched for treasure.

Among those starring in the show are Julie Graham (Dalziel & Pascoe and William And Mary), Adrian Lester (Hustle and Ballet Shoes), Hugh Bonneville (Miss Austen Regrets and Tsunami) and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Spooks and Doctor Who).

“Brean provided the perfect setting for the sequences in one of our episodes where the archaeology team search a cave,” a spokeswoman told on the film set.

“Brean is a picturesque location that’s perfect for filming.”

Polly Hill, the BBC’s commissioning editor for independent drama, said Bonekickers would make history and archaeology “sexy, accessible and exciting”.

Brean has featured in several films and TV shows in recent years, with Oscar-nominated Elizabeth: The Golden Age starring Cate Blanchett being the best-known in the summer of June 2006 and the BBC’s Dracula in August 2006.