A 4×4 was lost in the sea last night (Tuesday) after a bid to rescue it from the incoming tide on Brean Beach.

Paul Redfern from Bristol had driven his Vauxhall Frontera half a mile down the beach when its wheels got stuck in the soft sand and mud, stranding it.

Brean’s beachwarden raised the alarm and a team from Burnham’s BARB Search & Rescue was quickly on the scene.

However, the soft sand around the 4×4 made it impossible for other vehicles to get close enough to pull it free – a JCB digger and two trucks had to turn back due to the conditions.

Ropes, spades and wooden boards were used to try and free the vehicle, but it could not be recovered before the incoming tide reached it – and then completely engulfed it.

Paul said: “I am very grateful for the efforts of everyone – it is gutting that we couldn’t get it out in time but I do thank them for trying. I’d just been driving along the beach with my daughter enjoying the sunshine and didn’t think I could get stuck.”

BARB Operations Manager Mike Lowe said: “It’s a great shame that on this occasion we were unable to recover the vehicle despite the best efforts of our crew. It’s another reminder that people should take care while enjoying our beaches over the summer.”

Tuesday’s incident comes just days after a Ford Focus Estate got stuck in the sea. A car was also rescued on April 13th and a separate incident occurred on March 9th when a tractor pulled a stranded car from the mud. There was a further incident on April 20th when a family’s vehicle got into difficulty and another car also got stuck on May 27th, as we reported here.

The vehicle was in a patch of soft sand half a mile from the top of the beach

This JCB digger and two other trucks tried to reach the car

The incoming tide soon surrounded the stuck vehicle

The 4×4 was quickly engulfed by the sea water

Coastguards were alerted and were trying to monitor the location of the vehicle

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