These were the scenes on Brean beach on Monday afternoon (May 11th) when the owners of a vehicle that had become stranded in mud at the weekend managed to retrieve it. first reported on Sunday how the Nissan Patrol 4×4 got into difficulty after being driven approximately half a mile out from the beach near Brean Down. Its owners, who are on holiday from South Wales, managed to escape from the vehicle but there was no time to retrieve the vehicle from the rapidly-incoming tide.

Once the tide had receded, the owners used spades to try and loosen the mud-plugged vehicle – before a tractor was brought in to help.

A tractor was especially driven over from Wales by the vehicle’s owners to help. Owner Chris Jones explained to “We couldn’t afford the cost of the commercial recovery service from Weston, so brought our own tractor across from Caerphilly to do the job. It was a 140 mile trip to get here, which took seven hours, because we had to use lots of minor roads, not motorways.”

The vehicle finally started to move, with the help of a long tractor rope, a short time later and within minutes it was finally inched out of the hole.

While the car was successfully pulled free from the mud, the inside of the vehicle, its electronics and engine will all need extensive work after two tides passed over it.

At least now it was back on dry land, away from further incoming tides…

Click here to see online video and photos of Sunday’s incident on Brean beach