Brent Knoll emergency shop

Having set up an Emergency Shop within ten days of the start of the Covid crisis, the volunteers running the community shop in Brent Knoll are now challenging their customers to design a logo for their venture.

The ultimate aim of the volunteers is to establish a permanent shop in Brent Knoll, and to restore their village Post Office.

According to David Sturgess, a member of the team’s Steering Group:  “Our village shop closed at the beginning of March, shortly after our Post Office was also closed.  Our community has responded wonderfully to these events.”

As part of that process, Brent Knoll parishioners are being challenged to design a logo for the new community shop.

Submitted designs – featuring the shop’s name (Brent Knoll Community Shop), and its tag-line (Local people serving local people) will be displayed for customers to see and cast their votes.

“Sadly, we cannot offer the winner a major prize – but they will be contributing to a successful community venture,” said Mr Sturgess.

“This entire episode has demonstrated how a village community can come together to create something for the community:  that is the essence of what our new logo should embody,” he added.

Logo designs can be submitted online, via the Community Shop’s Facebook page or on paper (delivered to the shop).

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