June 2, 2005
Crop circle seen on Brent Knoll? No – don’t be dotty!

Motorists travelling along the M5 motorway near Burnham-On-Sea this week were forgiven for thinking they’d seen a crop circle on the side of Brent Knoll.

Brent Knoll's spotsFor on the hillside is a collection of nine spots in the shape of a circle or strange smiley face.

But no-one should worry too much… the formation is the work of Bridgwater artist Steve Apelt who’s been working on an art project with kids at Brent Knoll Primary School.

He’s repeated his stunt from last year’s Somerset Arts Week by creating an eye-catching arrangement of huge nylon sheet spots on the southern side of the Knoll.

Each measures nine feet in width and can be seen for miles across Somerset, including thousands of motorists who pass along the M5 every day.

Steve has been working with pupils in the classroom before creating the fun smiley face shape on the hill.


Brent Knoll goes spotty – September 2004

Brent Knoll History and Background

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