A special service was held on Sunday (March 17th) to lay up the old Brent Knoll Royal British Legion Standard and dedicate a new one.

The old standard was badly faded and old so it was decided by the branch that we should purchase a new one.

This follows last year’s centenary celebrations of the ending of WW1 in which the Brent Knoll branch of the Royal British Legion sent two of its members – Rod Southwell and Mike Ham – to the formal Thank You celebrations.

A spokesman said: “The Standard is a constant symbolic reminder to members of the Legion’s motto, ‘Service not self’. The crosses of St George, St Andrew and St Patrick symbolise unity, chivalry and our loyalty to our Sovereign, community and nation.”

“The blue indicates loyalty and fidelity and the gold signifies service – ‘as gold is tried by fire’ – and reminds us of all those who gave their lives for our country.”

“Standards are dedicated before use, and are laid-up in sacred or public buildings after service. All our laid up standards are in St Michael’s Church in Brent Knoll.”

“The Standard’s colours are blue and gold. In the upper-left corner (for the observer) is the Union Flag, which is composed of the crosses of St George, St Andrew and St Patrick. The branch name appears below The Royal British Legion name in the central gold band. Our Standard as can be seen also has a a scroll with the word Ypres 2018 this marks our support for the Thank You celebration.”

Pictured: Top, Chaplin Brian Dallimore unfurling the new Standard and, above, the standard bearer Rod Southwell (right) and Burnham’s Standard bearer Simon Orchard