Angry residents in Burnham-On-Sea say their lives are being made a misery by work to build a new 48-home housing development in the town.

Homeowners in Lawrence Close say the Persimmon’s work to build the new ‘Mulberry Park’ estate next to Lawrence Close is causing huge disruption.

They claim heavy goods vehicles have been blocking roads, while the surface of streets has been damaged and muddy, slippery road surfaces are being created.

Local parish councillor and resident Roger Bowring told “They continue to cause problems for all residents. I have received complaints that people have had to drive over the pavement to get past these lorries.”

“I had to insist that a lorry move as it was impossible to get past. I also saw a taxi having to mount the pavement, and a car coming out of Beale Way having to reverse to allow someone to turn in.”

“This we consider to be the thin end of the wedge and a sign of things to come. We were assured that no contractors vehicles would be parked in the roads adjacent to the site and that they would always be parked in the site compound.”

Roger added: “They have also moved their ‘canteen’ from the southern end of the site to a position opposite Stone Road and opened the fence to enable them to access the area. Instead of being parked on their site in the area they created, the cars are now parked on Lawrence Close.”

Residents are also concerned about possible gas leaks at the site, which is a former waste landfill.

Roger added: “We want an assurance that the site has been cleared of gas leaks and that no more will escape, as the five or six blue venting stand pipes that were there have now disappeared, or been covered over as they are no longer visible.”

“The inevitable deposits of mud on the road is an ongoing problem. There is also damage to the road surface at the junction of the Wallace Wells and Lawrence Close where the raised surface acting as a ‘speed hump’ has become dislodged.”

Sedgemoor’s Planning Enforcement Officer David Crowle told this week he has approached Persimmon regarding the concerns.

“Sedgemoor District Council has received complaints from members of the public concerning the development at Lawrence Close,” he confirmed.

“These complaints are being investigated. Sedgemoor District Council is working with Persimmon Homes to ensure that the disruption to the residents in the area is kept to a minimum whilst the development is progressing,” he added.

And in a letter to residents, Mr Crowle added: “We are trying to work with all parties to ensure that there is as little disruption as possible. I have an ongoing dialogue with Persimmon and will try and deal with problems as they arise.”

“Persimmon is mindful of the problems to local residents and is trying to address the issues. Obviously, the weather and the condition of the site is not helping but I am told that the road has been cleaned.”

Persimmon has already agreed to work shorter hours of 8am-5pm as a ‘local agreement’ with residents to reduce early morning disruption. The previously agreed start time was 7am.