Crews from Burnham-On-Sea Coastguard and BARB Search & Rescue were called to Brean beach on Saturday evening (August 13th) to help a woman who had collapsed in the heat while trying to reach a dog stuck in mud.

Crews were called at 6.56pm to reports of a woman in difficulty with an incoming tide close by.

A Coastguard spokesman says: “As we mustered on station, an update came through that the person was out of the mud but needed medical attention.”

“As the original call was go for a person collapsed in the mud, our flank team from Weston and our friends from BARB Search & Rescue were still required due to the reports of casualties being out being unconfirmed.”

“A number of beach users had been on the beach and enjoying the sunset when their dog run out into the mud.”

“One of the owners attempted to reach the dog and became stuck which then prompted a number of others to enter the mud and form a human chain to help.”

“As they were doing this, one of them became unwell due to the heat, exertion and consumption of alcohol.”

“We were finally called and when we arrived, provided some medical cover until the ambulance arrived and we handed over care to them.”

“We would strongly advise not to enter the mud following a dog, especially after consuming alcohol, or entering the mud to help someone who is stuck as you run the risk of over exertion and also becoming a casualty yourself.”

“This was especially lucky as the tide was incoming and there was a potential to have multiple casualties in extreme danger.”

Crews travelled to the scene by road and the patient was given an initial assessment before the ambulance crew arrived.

“Once all persons were safe and off the beach as the tide as tide lapped around where we were stood only a few minutes before, we were stood down.”

“If you have an emergency at the beach, please don’t put yourself or others in danger, dial 999 immediately and ask for the Coastguard.”


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