A Burnham-On-Sea family is trying to find their missing nine-month-old kitten after CCTV footage shows it jumping into a furniture delivery van moments before it drove off.

Tiffanie Hazelton says the family has been left upset after the kitten, called Geoff, went missing on Thursday morning (January 19th).

“He’s an inquisitive kitten, so we checked the CCTV footage and were devastated to see he’d got in the back of a Furniture Village delivery van at 11.16am before it headed off.“

“We are ringing the warehouse to hopefully try and find out their route that day. We are desperate to locate him.”

“Geoff has semi-long fur, three white ‘sock’ paws and one  white ‘boot’ — he has a sorter tail than average, and it’s very fluffy.”

“He’s never gone missing before, he’s a home boy and loves nothing more than to be snuggled on his blanket. He’s very friendly, and nosey and inquisitive.”

The van made a next delivery in Stafford Road, Weston and then returned to Bristol so Geoff could be in those areas.

Get in contact with information about the kitten.

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