A Burnham-On-Sea artist is creating unique original drawings that illustrate people’s life stories on a single page.

Chris Duckett has an eye for fine detail and likes to research the background of people before he then displays their life story on a canvas using colourful inks.

His paintings are starting to get a loyal following locally as Chris gets commissioned to create artwork for special occasions such as birthdays and retirements.

“When I receive a commission, I spend a lot of time finding out all about a person to fully understand their character before committing their story to the page,” he told Burnham-On-Sea.com.

“Each piece of artwork takes me around 10 days to produce – there’s an awful lot of fine detail and effort that goes into producing each original piece.”

He adds that he only became an artist 12 months ago and has hasn’t looked back since. “I really enjoy it and I love to see the reactions from people when they first see my work.”

“Some people get brought to emotional tears of happiness when I present my artwork to them. It’s so lovely to see!”

He has produced fifteen of the images during his first year adding: “They are really unique drawings for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and retirements.  Every one is original and tailored to the character of the person.”

“I did one recently for a 40th birthday – the person is a rugby fan, who’s a chef and loves the Welsh valleys – all wonderful themes that I incorporated into the final design with lots of tiny detail and humour.” He can be contacted via Burnham-On-Sea.com.

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