Jax Gardiner-White AT Gallery 1407 in Burnham-On-Sea High Street

A Burnham-On-Sea artist is set to open a new art gallery in the heart of the town centre next month.

Jax Gardiner-White will launch Gallery 1407 in the High Street on Friday June 4th in place of Whites farm shop, which is closing.

She’s been creating colourful artwork and exhibiting it in galleries across the region for  several years, which also included a display in Burnham’s Princess Theatre.

Jax is now inviting local creators to join her in displaying art in the new gallery. She told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “I am keen to work with local artists, crafters, sculptors and photographers, promoting the fantastic work they produce.”

“Through our High Street gallery/studio and online platform including social media and regular vloggs, I intend to showcase the amazing creators in our community.”

Jax says she will be painting live in the studio and will welcome other creators to come and showcase what they do, creating their work live as well.

Jax is a ‘sower and grower’ within Seed, a consortium of five organisations, which is an Arts Council funded initiative working within Sedgemoor’s towns and parishes. She was one of many artists and creators who helped secure a £1million grant from the Arts Council.

She adds: “If you’re keen to showcase your artwork, craft, sculptures and photography,  then Gallery 1407 will occupy a great location on the High Street in Burnham.”

“We’re seeking people interested in selling their creations through our High Street business and online. If you join us and become part of the Gallery 1407, we will promote you through the shop, website and social media platforms.”

“If you’re interested in getting involved, get in touch to find out more and receive an info pack at jaxxter@outlook.com.”


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