A Burnham-On-Sea author has published a ‘poignant, funny and insightful’ book on his journey from diagnosis to bowel surgery and beyond.

Dave Eldergill, pictured, has published the new book to encourage other people with bowel problems to seek medical help rather than risk “dying from embarrassment.”

He told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “Nobody usually wants to discuss the undignified subject of their bowel movements especially when they’re not working as they should.”

“Maybe it seems easier to ignore abnormal motions rather than to be subjected to the invasive and uncomfortable examinations that going to the doctor might entail.”

“But by waiting too long to seek medical help it is actually possible to die from embarrassment.”

“My tale of troublesome turds, illustrated with witty drawings, is a frank and humorous account of his experiences undergoing investigations and then treatment of his bowels.”

“Hopefully it may encourage anybody else also suffering in this way to make sure they get their symptoms checked out sooner rather than later.”

The aptly-named ‘We Don’t Talk Sh*t’ is on sale on Amazon here.

Pictured: Dave Eldergill with his first book on Burnham beach