Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called out on Sunday (January 19th) amid concern for a person on the tideline on Berrow Beach.

The team was called to the beach at 10.10am due to the concerns for a person seen quite a distance out by the water’s edge.

A spokesman said: “We went along to Berrow Beach and instantly spotted the person involved. After taking up a better vantage point along the beach we used our binoculars to get a visual on the person and quickly ascertained it was a fisherman with full set-up.”

“He was in no danger, although as the pictures show he was quite an unusual distance from the more popular fishing spots.”

“The beaches in our area are very changeable and today they look to be quite firm around the famous Berrow Wreck which is normally quite soft and stretching a fair distance.”

“However, even though this is the case today the tide has now covered it and once it recedes it could be completely different again.”

“We don’t advise anyone to go too far out as the ground beneath you will almost certainly change as the incoming tide seeps in under the sand and rises causing very unstable terrain conditions that you will have more chance of being stuck in, and with the tide rushing in behind you it’s not the place you want to be.”

“We spoke to the person who called it in who was rightly concerned. Without the use of binoculars, it wasn’t clear this was a fisherman and it did look like someone entering the water. It’s never a waste of our time to be called.”

Pictured: Top, the fisherman who caused concerns (Photo Burnham Coastguards)


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