Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards were called to three incidents as hot weather led to busy beaches on Saturday (July 17th).

The team dealt with mud incidents on Weston and Brean beaches, plus a welfare incident in Burnham-On-Sea.

A spokesman says: “At around 5pm we were tasked to assist Weston-Super-Mare Coastguards with multiple persons stuck in the mud.”

“When we arrived they had already set up two mud techs who were on board the Fire Rescue Service Hovercraft and had begun to bring people back to safety from the mud with one person needing treatment for exhaustion.”

“Our Officer in Charge liaised with the Fire Service and Ambulance units on scene and with so many people out in the mud it was decided to just use the hovercraft to turn people around and get them back to the sand where they would be safest.”

“As this was ongoing we were alerted to an incident that was unfolding in Brean.”

“Two adults and three children were spotted quite a distance out in the mud, the adults were struggling but the children were walking with ease.”

“As the incident in Weston was under control we left Royal Sands and headed off to Brean to meet the Beach Warden who had eyes on the people in the mud.”

“As we proceeded we asked for BARB Search & Rescue to be tasked so we could all meet at the same point together and be ready to go if needed.”

“When we arrived there were two people who were still making slow progress out of the mud and, as it turns out they were not the family that was initially reported.”

“The two persons who were now in the mud had walked out to tell the family that they were in danger.”

“They had potentially become the casualties instead.”

“This is why we are so passionate about safety and why entering into the situation to intervene is not the right thing to do.”

“The family had left the beach while the two helpers were left behind.”

“Please do not try and intervene, we are trained and equipped to carry out any rescues along the coast, the best thing you can do is stay safe, dial 999 immediately and ask for the Coastguard.”

“With safety advice issued we headed off back along the beach to Burnham, and as we were approaching the slipway we spotted some of our colleagues from the Police who were dealing with a man who was looking very unwell.”

“We stopped to ask if they needed any help and in no time at all, we had him in a stretcher and monitored him until the Ambulance arrived.”

“Once they had given him their initial checks we carried him up the steps and to the Ambulance and into their care.”

“Two of our team will be out again today on a safety patrol so if you see them give them a wave. If you need assistance while visiting the beach either speak to the Beach Wardens or the Lifeguards if the beach has them. Or if it is an emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguards.”

Pictured: Coastguards at the three incidents (Photos: Burnham Coastguard)

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