Burnham-On-Sea Coastguards have celebrated the team’s 50th year of service and the 200th anniversary of HM Coastguard.

Current and former Burnham Coastguards, plus representatives from BARB and the RNLI, gathered to mark the milestone at Burnham Sailing Club on Friday (October 28th).

A spokesman says: “Current team members were joined by former team members from across the decades who have all been a significant part in our local history.”

”Stories and memories were swapped and old friendships picked up where they were left off.”

“The night once again showed that despite the way we do things and the equipment we use changing, the reason we do it remains the same.”

“It was an honour and a privilege to host this amazing night and be alongside our team members past and present, plus representatives from our local asset teams BARB Search & Rescue and Burnham RNLI.”

There was also a presentation for Andy Hutton-Young during the evening who has recently left and was presented with a certificate of service and a glass tankard.

Special thanks went to the Burnham On Sea Sailing Club for the use of the wonderful venue, those who attended, and Lily Bunting for the celebration cake.

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