Burnham-on-Sea Manor Gardens

A Burnham-On-Sea dog owner has warned fellow pet owners to watch out for broken glass after her dog suffered a painful injury.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Burnham-On-Sea.com that Annie, her Labrador, gashed her foot after stepping on shards of glass in the town’s Manor Gardens.

“I’d like to highlight the danger of broken glass left by people drinking in our open spaces. In the Manor Gardens my dog has cut her pad severely and needed veterinary help, with all the costs this entailed,” she says.

She adds: “We were in Manor Gardens near to the bandstand. I am always careful and check for broken glass.”

Burnham-On-Sea dog owner warning after pet is injured

She adds: “I sit there with her most days as it is safe from traffic. She is a typical Labrador, always checking out her surroundings, and it doesn’t matter how careful we are.”

“The glass was either in among the fallen leaves or among the shrubs. Because the gash is on her pad it cannot be stitched, so I will have to be sure it is kept clean for a couple of weeks, not an easy job, especially with the current weather.  So far it has cost almost £100 for the vet.”

“It is not as if this is a one-off as I know others in Burnham have had similar problems.”

“We cannot even stay safe on the beach as a few years ago one of our previous Labradors was playing in the sand dunes near the lighthouse and gashed her nose on glass, which had to be glued because stitching was not possible either.”


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