Burnham-On-Sea firefighters assist crews tackling big forest fire in Wareham, Dorset

Burnham-On-Sea firefighters were called out this week to assist crews in tackling a big forest fire in Wareham, Dorset.

A spokesman says: “We were called to assist with the major incident taking place in Dorset. The fire ground crew required and requested our specialist welfare pod to support the large number of crews in attendance. Crediton’s welfare pod had already been in attendance but had exhausted its supplies and required servicing.”

“One welfare pod was taken to the fire ground by Burnham-On-Sea crews and manned day and night until it finally returned late on Thursday evening.”

“This was demanding on the crews, with a two hour drive each way and rotating crews to maintain adequate crews at the home station for front line appliances.”

“This was a Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service incident but as a major incident multiple agencies were called upon from far and wide, including a helicopter.”

“When the stop message went back and the fire was out, 220 hectares had been involved in the fire.”

Pictured: Crews at the scene of the forest fire in Dorset (Photos Burnham Fire Station)


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