A Burnham-On-Sea musician has released a new single this week and been featured on a regional BBC radio show.

Taylor Topham, who is a familiar local face for his concerts and busking in Burnham High Street, has launched the single ‘Letting Go’, which was featured on Saturday’s BBC ‘Introducing’ show.

Taylor told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “For me, the song feels melancholic, but with beams of light shining through. I’ve always found it hard letting go, whether that be places I have traveled, friendships, love, or my idea of what is true and how humanity should be living.”

“I have held on to a lot of things in my life for what in hindsight I consider far too long. I see the beauty in wanting to hold something that you invested yourself into, but there is an art to letting go and it is a difficult beast to tame, however, ultimately one we all must accomplish one day whether we allow it to pass through freely or resist to the highest ability.”

‘Letting Go’ is now available to stream everywhere via this link – https://linktr.ee/taylortophammusic

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