A Burnham-On-Sea teenager who threw a ‘message in a bottle’ into the sea four years ago has been reunited with the item.

Ferdy Steele, 13, popped a handwritten letter into a jam jar and  then threw it into the water while visiting Tenby in 2016.

“Whilst on holiday in Tenby, Wales, I decided to make a ‘message in a bottle’ from an empty jar of olives,” he says.

“But every time I threw it into the sea it washed straight back in again!”

“Dad said that we could paddle our kayak out into the bay to launch the bottle off the side in deeper water.”

“I soon forgot about the message in the bottle until today, when 4 years after the holiday, I got a letter from a family!”

“They’d actually found the message two years ago but had left the bottle in a shed and forgot all about it for two years.”

Ferdy has been reunited with the jam jar and says it was a special moment.


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