Burnham-On-Sea MP James Heappey

Burnham-On-Sea’s MP James Heappey has given his reaction to the results of the EU elections in a series of social media posts.

The MP has spoken out on Twitter after The Brexit Party won the most votes in Sedgemoor and across the South West.

Mr Heapey warns that the country will only “move on if Brexit is either delivered or abandoned.”

He says: “Sadly, this can’t be viewed as a referendum on Brexit. 40% definitely voted for Remain parties and 44% definitely voted for Leave parties. But it’s pretty much impossible to say what remaining Labour vote meant. That’s Labour’s problem – we’ve got some big challenges of our own.”

It is impossible to pursue a Brexit that straddles the expectations of committed Leave and Remain supporters. The contortions of last few months show it won’t work in Parliament. The result shows the country isn’t buying it either.”

“So the country only moves on if Brexit is either delivered or abandoned. And in both cases there’ll be a lot of people who’ll be very p*ssed off. Protracted wrangling over a soft Brexit deal and/or a 2nd referendum just means the current malaise continues.”

“Other parties might back abandonment through revoking Article 50 but our route forward is clear. Brexit must be delivered as quickly as possible – with a deal or without – and absolutely no later than 31st October. Our next leader must be absolutely clear on that aim.”

“If we win through on delivering Brexit this year, then the remainder of the Parliament must be about reaching out to the millions of Remain voters who’ll feel the country is doomed to disaster.”

“That needs a One Nation vision that is optimistic and embraces that we’re in a time of great technological and social change. It must champion the freedom that Conservatism brings and finally confront the socialist ideologues in Labour who’d bring our economy to its knees.”

“Sorting Brexit and sinking Corbyn’s socialism cannot be done concurrently – there just isn’t the bandwidth in Parliament, the media nor in society at large. So we must deliver Brexit first and quickly. Then move on.”


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