Burnham and Highbridge Town Band members have thanked several residents for their help during a new anti-social behaviour incident this week.

The band has been based in a building next to the playing fields off Worston Lane in Burnham for over 40 years.

However, we reported last month that the band says over the past few weeks its building has been sprayed with graffiti, had rocks thrown at it, and even had holes hacked in its cladding.

Talking to Burnham-On-Sea.com, spokeswoman Caroline Tapfield said: “On Wednesday night we were plagued again by a group of teenagers hanging about and throwing a bottle – fortunately empty – into our bandroom.”

“Three local residents very kindly turned up and kept them at bay. They also called the police, who turned up and spoke to the group.”

“The band very much appreciated their support and have offered them each two tickets to our next concert on Sunday 20th October as a thank you.”

Meanwhile, the band will be practising and playing for free on Burnham seafront on Wednesday 24th July, from 7.30pm for two hours, weather permitting.

They’ll also be playing on Sunday 21st July at the Somerset Steam & Country Show at Low Ham near Langport.