A fresh warning about the danger of driving on beaches along Burnham-On-Sea’s coastline has been issued after TWO vehicles became stranded over the weekend.

BARB Search & Rescue’s volunteer crews were called out on Sunday afternoon (January 21st) when a large Tribute campervan became stranded in sand, which had been softened by a high tide and heavy rain.

“The driver had tried for an hour to free the vehicle but raised the alarm when his front wheels sank deeper into the soft sand,” said a BARB spokesman.

“BARB’s crew used spades and tow ropes to quickly tow the vehicle free and the owner was very grateful for our help, providing a kind donation to cover the charity’s costs.”

It comes after a separate incident on Saturday afternoon when another vehicle, a Peugeot Harmony sleeper, became stuck in soft sand on nearby Brean beach. It too was towed to safety before the tide could reach it.

“On both these occasions, the drivers were unlucky to get stuck and did the right thing in calling the Coastguard on realising they were in difficulty before the tide could reach them,” added a spokesman.

“Our advice to motorists is always to stay on the hard sand at the top of the beach parking areas at Brean and Berrow; to avoid areas of soft sand and mud; to heed warning signs; and to check the tide times in advance.”

Pictured: Sunday’s incident underway on Berrow beach

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