A candlelit vigil was held next to Highbridge’s Frank Foley Statue last night (Wednesday, November 16th) during a special event to encourage different faith traditions in the area.

The vigil was held as part of the UK’s nationwide National Interfaith Week, which is currently taking place.

The week is designed for community groups, educational institutions, councils and voluntary groups to hold events which strengthen good interfaith relationships.

Reverend Sharon Eldergill, from Burnham’s St Andrew’s Church, said: “In recognition of this, and in the hope of standing for unity amidst the diversity of faith communities, Reverend Simon Bale and I were at the Frank Foley statue in Market Street to keep a candlelit vigil for interfaith understanding and to mark unity.”

The activities are designed to bring people together in building trust between communities to have peace, understanding, tolerance and respect.

Pictured: The candlelit vigil in Highbridge on Wednesday evening