The owner of this car had a heart-stopping moment on Brean beach on Saturday evening (September 6th) when the incoming tide started to lap around his vehicle’s wheels.

The owner of the Audi A3, believed to be from Bristol, had gone for a walk along Brean Down and had left his car on the beach unaware that the tide would reach his vehicle.

Brean’s beach warden tried to pull the vehicle up the beach using his truck, as pictured here, but fortunately the owner managed to get back to his car in time to drive it away before the sea claimed it.

There will be a series of high tides over the next week, prompting a new warning to motorists about checking tide times before using the beach.

Several other vehicles have got stuck this year. A car was rescued on April 13th and a separate incident on March 9th saw a tractor pull a stranded car from the mud. There was a further incident on April 20th when a family’s vehicle got into difficulty and another car also got stuck on May 27th, as reported here.