Car seized by Burnham-On-Sea Police for anti-social driving in B&M car park

Burnham-On-Sea Police seized this car last night (Saturday) as they continued their crackdown of anti-social driving in the town’s B&M car park and along the seafront.

The car was formally taken away by Police Officers shortly after 9.15pm from the seafront car park, as pictured here.

A Police spokesman told “The vehicle was seized in the B&M car park at 9.20pm by the Neighbourhood Policing Team for anti-social driving under the Section 59 power.”

“Section 59 allows the Police to give drivers a warning if they are reported to have used their vehicle in a manner which causes ‘alarm, distress or annoyance’.”

“If reported to have done so again within a year the police have the right to seize the vehicle.”

The seizure comes after reported here that Burnham Police PCSO Ryan Coleman had responded to residents’ concerns during a recent Town Council meeting regarding problems of ‘boy racers’ using the seafront as a ‘race track’. He pledged action.