High Spring tides have caught out a second motorist in the space of a week on Brean beach.

A family of four from Swindon was shocked to find their car surrounded by the incoming tide on Saturday morning (April 19th) when they parked up on the sands near Brean Down.

Beach warden Dave Furber tried to find them on Brean Down as the high tide swept in.

Car owner Iain Mazonowixz told Burnham-On-Sea.com: “We’d parked up on the beach and walked off without realising the tide was still coming in.”

“It was quite a shock when the beach warden found us and told us what was happening – our car was completely surrounded by the sea.”

“We rushed down and found some water had got in, but fortunately it’s not badly damaged.”

The relieved family, right, thanked the beach warden for his help.

They were visiting Brean on a trip to celebrate a memorable 30th birthday for Iain’s wife, Elizabeth.

Fresh safety warnings about parking on the beach have been issued to motorists in recent weeks. It comes after a car was rescued on April 13th and a separate incident on March 9th where a tractor pulled a stranded car from the mud.