Bridgwater’s Gremlins Carnival Club took the top spot at last night’s Burnham-On-Sea Carnival with this stunning entry.

Their cart, called ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ had a vintage black-and-white Hollywood theme.

It featured old-style cameras and clapperboards and even a giant King Kong up front!

Class 3 – Feature Mounted (Open):

1 Gremlins CC, Lights, Camera, Action
2 Marketeers CC, Noah (pictured below)
3 Harlequin, Foggs World Tour
4 Ramblers CC, Gangs of Gotham

Class 1 – Open Tableaux

1 Pentathlon CC, What Lies Beneath (pictured below)
2 Hucky Duck, Gatsby
3 Gemini CC, Scott’s Terra Nova
4 Wills CC, The Secret Creed

Class 5 – Comic Feature

1 Newmarket CC, Oh What A Beauty (pictured below)
2 Cary Comedians CC, Carnival Queen
3 2Rs CC, Monster Mash
4 Luckington CC, Jungle Rumble

Class 6 – Juvenile Feature:

1 Marina Sydenham JCC, Marine Ahoy! (pictured below)
2 Hillview JCC, It’s A Cracker
3 Key Kids, Clowns Party

Class 7 – Groups of Masqueraders (adult or mixed):

1 Vagabonds CC, The Parade of Ali
2 Xtreme CC, Salute!
2 Wilfs CC, 2000 Leagues Under The Sea
3 Highwayman CC, Can We Fix It

Class 8 – Groups of Masqueraders (Juvenile):

1 Crusaders Cubs, Happy Birthday 2 (pictured below)

Class 9 – Groups of Masqueraders (Mixed 3-5):

1 Smandys CC, Dia De Los Muertos (pictured below)
2 Just Peachy CC, Maslenitsa
3 Fantasy CC, Witches from the West

Class 10 – Pairs

1 Samvantra Juniors, Mexica (pictured below)
2 Dee Gees CC, Scarecrow Rebellion
3 Cousins CC, Flying Saucers
4 Dave Lisa Arney, Lost In Time

Class 11 – Single Masquerader (Adult)

1 A&A CC, iRobot (pictured below)
2 Jacks CC, Ride To Rio
3 Jeannete Plummer, Tailor Of Gloucester
4 Roger Musprat-Ham, Maximus

Class 12 – Single Masquerader (Juvenile)

1 Carina Haines, Czarevna’s Glacial Odyssey (pictured below)
2 Izzy Wheeler, Whoosh Thety Were Gone
3 Lotty Wheler, Robin Hood
4 Rio Welsh, Draco Lanista

Class 15 – Disabled

1 Academy of Carnival, Sister Michael (pictured below)
2 Chipmunks, Alvinn and the Chipmunks

Class 17 – Anything Goes

1 Dancefit Academy, Join The Circus
2 Bees, Into The Woods

Class 18 – Best Decorated Generator

1 Marketeers CC, Noah

Class 13 – Best Towing Vehicle:

1 Gremlins CC, Lights, Camera, Action
2 Marketeers CC, Noah
3= Harlequin, Fogg’s World Tour
3= Pentahlon, What Lies Beneath

Class 14 – Best Towing Vehicle Driver

1 Marketeers CC, Noah
2 Pentahlon, What Lies Beneath
3 Eclipse CC, Madagascar