Burnham-On-Sea Police have reassured residents that the town centre remains safe after an ‘isolated and very rare’ incident in which a woman was threatened with a knife on Friday.

As we reported here, Police launched an investigation following the incident on Friday evening (June 30th) in which a woman was threatened with a knife at a cashpoint.

At approximately 6.30pm, she walked towards the cashpoint at Lloyd’s Bank in College Street with the plan of withdrawing some money.

She was approached by a man holding a knife, who threatened her and demanded cash. The man fled from the street after a member of the public stepped in and Police were called to the scene.

Sgt Ryan Edwards from Burnham Police said at a Town Council meeting on Monday evening (July 3rd): “She had a knife pulled on her at the cashpoint. It’s irrelevant that the person didn’t take any money and our concern is for the female.”

“We are offering a lot of support to the young lady and have taken statements that will hopefully help us to identify the offender. The investigation is ongoing.”

He added: “I do share everyone’s concern – this is not the kind of incident we want in our town centre. Thankfully, it is very rare and isolated and not something that’s happened for a long time.”