Cows on railway line at Brent Knoll

Police have appealed for help in finding vandals who removed a gate at a railway foot crossing in Brent Knoll, allowing cattle onto the lines, and halting services for SIX hours on Saturday (June 13th).

This video, taken by a reader, shows 15-20 cattle walking down the tracks after they escaped from their field.

“Vandals had taken off the gate at the Brent Knoll foot crossing so that the cattle strayed or were herded there,” the reader told

“The gate was completely missing, torn from its frame, and there was no sign of it.”

“This appeared to be a case of wanton vandalism.”

Anyone with information about the vandalism to the gate should contact Burnham-On-Sea Police on 101.

National Rail Enquiries said all trains were unable to run between Weston-super-Mare and Taunton from 7am until 1pm when the cattle were fully rounded up and safely removed.

Limited road transport was operating between Weston and Taunton for travellers, causing long delays. 


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