Cheddar Reservoir CCTV security van

A local reservoir near to Burnham-On-Sea is closed to visitors as temperatures are expected to soar and anti-social behaviour levels rise.

Cheddar reservoir is closed for four days from Friday (7th August) to Monday (10th August) due to a spike in poor behaviour.

The decision by Bristol Water comes after a drastic increase in people swimming, drinking, littering and gathering at the lake.

The reservoir is used for drinking water and is unsafe to swim in. It has hidden machinery that is designed to suck water in, therefore people are not allowed to swim in it.

Bristol Water says the decision was made to ensure nobody loses their life.

Security will be there across the four days, car parks will be locked and barriers will be up to prevent access. A CCTV camera van has also been put in place.

The site was also closed on Friday 31st July when temperatures reached high twenties. Bristol Water spoke to 300 people breaking the rules in just four hours.

Every time temperatures exceed 23 degrees, the site will be shut to visitors to ensure their safety.

Bristol Water says anti-social behaviour is worse this year than in 2019. It is being put down to lockdown and a lack of holidays.

Steve Smith, Head of Recreations at Bristol Water, says: “I’m a huge advocate of walking in nature for our wellbeing, so this is not a decision taken lightly.”

“We’re sorry that the actions of a small minority are ruining it for the majority, but we cannot risk anyone losing their life.”

“It might look inviting, especially at a time when holidays have been cancelled, but it’s never safe to swim in reservoirs.”

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