A Burnham-On-Sea resident has won a unique contest to eat 12 fiery hot chicken wings in the fastest time!

Held during Saturday’s Burnham-On-Sea food festival, eight hungry participants were cheered on by a big crowd at the Ritz Social Club in Victoria Street.

Fyre Cook, a Burnham resident, won by stripping 12 fiery hot chicken wings to the bone in three minutes and 12 seconds!

“The wings were very hot but I love them like this,” she told Burnham-On-Sea.com. “The marinade was delicious. I’m chuffed to have won – I beat my brother, Adam, who was also taking part, and will have bragging rights for a long time!”

Organiser Sarah Milner Simonds added: “The idea of our hot wings competition was to find who could take the heat – the winner was the fastest person to strip 12 fiery hot chicken wings to the bone in order to win a Pitchfork Ales brewery tour and cider tasting session. They all did amazingly well and had a lot of fun!”

She thanked the contest’s supporters – hosts The Ritz Social Club, marinade providers Eat Smoke, and chicken wings supplier Passion and Smoke.

A big crowd gathered at Burnham-On-Sea’s Ritz Social Club to watch

Organiser Sarah Milner Simonds delivered the fiery hot chicken wings

The eight participants had to eat a dozen chicken wings in the fastest time

Different techniques were used by the entrants to try and win

It was a messy, but tasty, challenge for the eight participants

The aptly-named Fyre was the overall winner after just over three minutes!

Fyre was presented with her champion’s award by Sarah and Paul Hale, manager of the Ritz Social Club in Burnham-On-Sea