Childrens posters have gone up around a Highbridge playing field to urge dog owners not to let their pets foul the area.

It comes as local community groups Burnbridge football club and the Southwell Trust are planning to hold a community sport’s day event on the recreational ground on Saturday 4th June from 10am – 4pm.

“Many Churchfield schoolchildren have kindly drawn up some posters asking dog owners to ‘pick up your dog poop’ which are being displayed over the rec,” says a spokeswoman for Our Highbridge, which has co-ordinated the posters.

“It is a much-needed bid to encourage dog owners to be responsible, especially with the Rec being used by the community during the Jubilee.”

“With children, gymnasts and youngsters of all ages taking part, we really do need dog owners to be responsible and to pay particular attention to their dogs for the health and safety of everyone.”

Darrel Conibeer from Burnbridge FC is organising the sports day event with entertainment for the community. Many other Highbridge clubs will also attend on the day to perform and showcase their talents along with Southwell House, where refreshments and various entertainment is planned.

Our Highbridge asked some children of Churchfield school to help with the ongoing dog mess problem by drawing up the posters.

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